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Selva Playa Venao offers a unique opportunity for buyers and developers to discover the untapped potential of Playa Venao and begin creating dream projects - today.

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Dive into the vibrant life of Playa Venao, where every day is an opportunity to connect with nature and nurture your soul. Our blogs are here to help you find the perfect waterfall escape, a local fishing tour, or some great Playa Venao surf tips. We are proud to showcase Playa Venao’s talented community members, exciting local initiatives, and treasured natural getaways. All are one click away.

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1-3 Acres


800 meters


5 min car / 10 min bike


270 degrees

Authenticity and sustainability are the cornerstones of Selva Playa Venao. Our carefully selected land lots, nestled in the hills of Playa Playa Venao, provide a foundation for a life attuned with nature.

Selva Playa Venao offers a rare chance to own a piece of Panama’s fastest-growing and most sought-after real estate. Our 216-acre sanctuary, just minutes away from the bustling beach, is a blend of privacy and accessibility. Each lot presents a unique view of ocean, jungle, and river and offers a tranquil space that keeps you connected to Playa Venao’s dynamic community and main events and attractions. 

Schedule a meeting today to explore the lots and lands and receive access to a game-changing opportunity for developers in Panama.

Our Team


Who are behind?

Our journey is led by a team of passionate visionaries dedicated to creating a harmonious blend of luxury living and environmental sustainability. Our developers are not just builders; they are innovators who understand the delicate balance between modern comforts and ecological responsibility.

With years of experience in developing premier properties, our team is committed to preserving the natural beauty of Playa Venao while offering exclusive living experiences. Each development decision is made with a deep respect for the land, its history, and its future. Our commitment extends beyond construction; we are curators of a lifestyle that embodies growth, community, and a deep connection with nature. Join us in Selva Venao, where every home is a masterpiece, and every resident is a guardian of this paradise.

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